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The only time you should see this setup is on desktop computer video cards. Setting up a video projector is definitely different than setting up a TV, but in most cases, is it still pretty straightforward, if you know the steps. Skip to main content.

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Ideally you'll also be using a screen, and you might have to run some extra cables from your gear to your projector. How to Connect a Laptop to a ProjectorFor the most part, connecting your laptop to a projector is relatively simple. While not every setup is identical, here are a. Once everything's plugged in, fire up the projector.

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Sometimes the projector-to-screen angle results in an image that is wider at the top than it is on the bottom, or taller on one side than the other. Steps on how to connect a computer to a TV or projector and display what is being shown on your computer on the TV or Projector. The Zoom and Focus controls are usually located on the top of the projector, just behind the lens assembly - but sometimes they may be located surrounding the lens exterior.

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When the Bluetooth projector or display is in pairing mode, it will appear in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. By using a laptop and a relatively small projector you can even take these presentations on the go. While many projectors connect to your computer using a . Use the Zoom control if one is providedto get the image to fill your screen actually.

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In Windows 10, this displays the projection options in a sidebar to the right. Follow these instructions for connecting your laptop to an LCD projector. Setup the projector facing the screen, and plug in the power cord. Set your laptop next. If you want to take the no-hassle approach, most projectors provide a series of presets, including Vivid or DynamicStandard or NormalCinemaand possibly others, such as Sports or Computer, as well as presets for 3D if the projector provides that viewing option.

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The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Did you know that you can get an HD projector that more than doubles the size of an LED TV for half the cost? Find out how to set up a home theater system. If they are not labeled, look at the shape of the head on the cable and plug it into a port that is the same shape and size.

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The video source is the connection port the computer is connected to on the projector or display. A projector can double as a secondary monitor when you connected it to your PC . This setup enables you to extend or duplicate your computer's display onto a. Steps on connecting an external display device to your laptop.

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Once both your screen and projector placed, it is now time to make sure everything works as intended. Once the matching port is identified one that is the same on both your input device and output deviceyou need the appropriate cable to connect them. Share this Article. Most projectors have built-in speakers, but they're terrible.

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Also, for ceiling installations - before cutting into your ceiling and screwing a ceiling mount into position, you need to determine the required projector-to-screen distance. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect a computer to a projector or flat-screen display. You can easily connect a computer or laptop to a. It's in the Apple Menu.

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HDMI is has become the standard for all electronic equipment for its high-quality signal and ability to carry both audio and video signals. Method 1.